Experience Pelican Grammar Secondary School’s comprehensive secondary curriculum, integrating the prestigious Cambridge Lower and Upper Secondary programmes with a focus on sustainability (SEE). Empower your teen for life and career success.

Our mission is clear: not only to nurture essential learning skills but also to build strong character, empowering our primary students to unearth their self-worth and boldly declare, "This is Who I Am!" as they embark on their journey with us. Let's delve into the intricate details of our vibrant secondary curriculum, carefully divided across six enriching areas:

Unveiling the realm of multilingual mastery begins early in our program. Language serves as the gateway to effective communication, empowering students to articulate thoughts with depth and confidence. Our medium of instruction, English, seamlessly integrates throughout the curriculum, honing proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Moreover, we extend an exciting opportunity for students to explore Mandarin or Portuguese as foreign languages, embracing a top-tier international curriculum. Our Mandarin subject follows the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) and HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test – Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) standards, while our Portuguese subject delves into the intricacies of European Portuguese. To bridge connections within the Timorese community, all students will be introduced to fundamental conversational Tetum language skills and reading.

We ignite a lifelong curiosity for the natural world through our dynamic science curriculum, spanning across Chemistry, Biology, and Physics disciplines. This fosters inquisitiveness, scientific inquiry, and practical skills, equipping students to decode the mysteries of their environment. In tandem, mathematics, a cornerstone of analytical thinking, is cultivated using the esteemed Cambridge lower secondary and IGCSE programme. This approach empowers students to grasp principles, patterns, systems, functions, and relationships holistically. Our curriculum champions critical thinking, evidential reasoning, and the pursuit of connections between diverse concepts, nurturing higher-order cognition.

In today’s data-driven landscape, digital prowess is paramount. While it might be unfamiliar terrain for many parents, technology is second nature to our students. We instil responsible digital skills, nurturing positive contributions to the tech realm. From coding to computational thinking, our secondary students embark on a journey of Digital Literacy and Computing, a crucial skill set in the era of Industry 4.0. Envision the exhilarating possibilities as our students evolve into future computer scientists, propelling innovation on both local and global stages!

Art and music provide boundless avenues for self-expression. Our fine arts curriculum is a canvas for creativity, sparking imagination and honing transferable skills. Through mediums like painting, printmaking, model crafting, and digital art, students evolve into astute critical thinkers with a refined sense of introspection. Communication transcends language, encompassing visual arts and harmonious melodies. Whether through conventional subjects or creative outlets, each teenager finds their unique niche. Our musical exploration introduces string instruments like the ukulele and traditional Timorese musical instruments, complemented by basic musical notation, vocalization, and dance.

Our curriculum radiates as a beacon of sustainability education. As young minds unlock their potential, they are adeptly guided through a specialized SEE subject. This imparts essential life skills encompassing areas such as food science and preparation, textile and apparel, financial literacy, household management and design, farming, and family dynamics. Students further explore SEE topics within our Global Perspective subject and via engaging weekly Ted Talk sessions. Here, teenagers are empowered to eloquently share their perspectives before their peers. Beyond this, we foster profound understanding of Asian and European cultures through our Cultural Studies subject, offering dual insights into the intricacies of these regions while nurturing valuable knowledge. With a panoramic global perspective and an ever-expansive growth mindset, we embolden students to passionately practice sustainability, wholeheartedly embrace diversity, amplify empathy, and resoundingly declare, “This is Who I Am!” to the world.

Physical and mental well-being converge through sports, a foundational element of our holistic curriculum. At Pelican Grammar, secondary students not only acquire fundamental physical skills but also cultivate sport-specific abilities and tactical acumen through a diverse array of sports, including AirBadminton, volleyball, track and field, jazzminton, pickleball, archery, and table tennis. Our objective is to nurture a fervour for sports and instil an appreciation for the role of physical education in fostering a robust, active lifestyle. This promotes improved cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and coordination, setting teenagers on a path of lifelong wellness.


English / English as Second Language(ESL)


Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Arts & Design


Cultural Studies

Computing & Digital Literacy

Mandarin/ Portuguese/ English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Physical Education (P.E)

Global Perspectives

Social, Economics and Environment (SEE)

Ted Talk



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